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Loay Hasayen is the General Manager / Founder of Sana Al Barq
Electrical in September  2014.
He has extensive knowledge of Lighting solutions and 25 years of
management experience at major companies in the electronics industry.
In the course of his career he has spent a number of years working in
KSA , UAE, USA  and Jordan.
Since 2011 Loay Hasayen has held various senior management
positions in the fields of Renewable Energy , Photovoltaic Solar
systems  and LED technology.

We offer the perfect solutions for smart, connected and efficient lighting. That is our mission and that is what we have organized Sana Al Barq to deliver.

Tailor-made solutions

Our objectives are to continue to be a leading supplier of component solutions and to shape the future of light together with our customers. We maintain close contact with our customers so we can react directly to their requests and requirements. The results of the cooperation are perfectly matched systems and tailor-made solutions in which LED technology can be used. The new LED Lights generation is a good example. LED Lights are not only more efficient, more compact and offer more functions, they also last for more than 50,000 hours and significant savings in maintenance and spare parts costs compared to the old lighting systems.

Connected future

We have completed our restructuring to take account of LED technology and are operating successfully on the Jordanian market.

We would now like to offer our customers various services that go beyond lighting. For us as an innovative company, research and development is therefore of crucial importance. Development projects for LED-based applications now constitute more than 90 percent of our R&D activities. We are therefore well set up for the LED age and are creating a solid basis for the new lighting concept . Our vision is to replace CFL and incandescent lighting system with smart and efficient lighting solutions.